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Cleveland Heights Councilwoman Davida Russell gets seat at Biden-Harris transition team table

Offered opportunity to work on Biden transition committee with a focus on housing, urban development, and education.

Cleveland Heights continues law enforcement, social justice policy reforms

Citizens task force to address “systemic racism in housing, business and all aspects of the community.” Awarded the 2020 Shirley Chisholm Breakthrough Leadership Award by the Summit for Civil Rights project

Cleveland Heights councilwoman urges more investment in dilapidated, infill housing stock for Noble, Taylor area

Urges for immediate action on Noble-Taylor area infill housing stock. Points out what investing in dilapidated homes can do for property values and the community as a whole.

Cleveland.com article on ’Newcomers’ Hart, Russell receive most votes for Cleveland Heights City Council
Russell receives 2nd highest in votes counts for city council race.
Cleveland Heights council passes ‘actionable’ resolution condemning racism, establishing citizens task force

Chief provides actionable steps after Russell organizes meeting with youth group and plans to start a citizens taskforce for police oversight.

Democratic National Convention to feature Cleveland Heights businesswoman, essential worker and Chemistry 11 ‘fashionista’

Connected the Biden Campaign to local Black business owner in the Noble-Taylor area to bring attention to her talents and the area as a whole.

Cleveland Heights city officials get an earful at Noble-Taylor ‘You Talk, I Listen’ forum

Russell hosted another You Talk, I Listen session to accommodate the availability and perspective of the Jewish Community.  She provided a platform for groups working with the youth, community beautification, and promoting local business to speak directly with citizens

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Protest for Peace on Severance Circle, 
Hundreds marched around Severance Circle to Cleveland Heights City Hall in the June 3 Protest for Peace condemning racially motivated police brutality in the wake of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on Memorial Day. Roger Glenn Hill
"Battle of the Census"
Join us live as we kick off “Battle of the Census” at the corner of Cedar & South Taylor with Cleveland Heights 
Councilwomen Davida Russell & University Heights Councilwoman Barbara Blankfeld.
Cleveland Heights City Council Committee Meetings
Watch Virtual Cleveland Heights City Council Meeting